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Welcome to RcMods - A Specialist in Electric RC Helicopters, RC Cars, RC Planes & Accessories

We have a full range of beginners to advanced model RC Helicopters, RC Planes and RC Cars full parts backup and extensive support along with same day shipping on orders.

RcMods is a online retailer of radio control models such as RC Helicopters, RC Cars and RC Planes. We have a full range of spare parts, accessories and upgrades for our models and also stock other modeling products such as balsa wood, depron, fuel and lipo batteries. 

Our RC Helicopters are separated in to three categories. firstly 3 Channel RC Helicopters - These are the most basic and easy to fly models, they have very basic controls and can be flown up, down, left, right and can be spun on their axis. The 3 channel models make great gifts but are not fully controllable in all directions which does not give you the full flight experience. Secondly are 4 Channel RC Helicopters - This is where we recommend you start. These models are fully controllable in all directions and you can learn many flight techniques which will give you a good understanding of flight allowing you to move up to a 6 channel model. Finally comes the 6 Channel RC Helicopters - These are advanced, fully aerobatic models which demand alot of still to control. They have alot more moving parts than the 4 channel models which means there is more to break in a crash! So we recommend starting with a more basic model which are easier and cheaper to repair should the inevitable happen!

If remote control cars are more your thing then we have basic 1/10 scale electric rc cars which offer simple plug and play operation or more advanced nitro rc cars which require more skill and dedication due to the tricky starting, tuning and maintance. 

We also have a full range of balsa wood, depron, solar film coverings, hinges, wheels etc for the serious self builder all of which can be posted from our warehouse on the same day of ordering.

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